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I’m having an art show where do I get art boards from?

Art Display boards - Art BoardsMake your art show, WOW your spectators and really let the art shine through. Polystyrene Central, we can hire you fantastic art boards that are design specifically to showcase your art. Art shows are great, fun and a good way to bring your art to new audiences but you need to display your work in its best light. Art boards are the perfect answer for you.

3 reasons to hire art boards for your next show:

  1. Great to display artworks
  2. Hiring is cost effective
  3. High quality

Great to display artworks

Amaze your audiences with great displays of your on boards designed to showcase your works. It will be fantastic to walk into your venue and see the magnificent exhibition you have made beginning displayed at its best.

Art boards are similar to display boards but with longer legs and the display area is smaller to emphasise the artwork, the perfect size to really bring your work to life. Launch your grand art show with our classic art boards

Hiring to art boards, make it easy for you.

Let us make the job easy for you! Hiring is a great way to get art boards with no storage and we deliver right to your venue. Setting up your show can be hard work and tiring, we have an optional set up services as well. Now all you have to do is concentrate on displaying your artworks.

High quality

Our art display boards are made especially to display artworks, they have sturdy legs and a fabric covered display area.

I’m having an art show where do I get art boards from?

Call Polystyrene Central on 0429 970 189, to discuss your art board hiring needs and get a free quote! Remember we delivery to your venue and then pick up again when you are finished, easy!