Display Boards for hire.

Polystyrene Central  hire display boards and art boards to fit your space and make you next show or exhibition perfect.

Don’t put up with near enough is good enough!
We have display boards for hire for all your needs.

If you are you having a function, art show,exhibition, trade show, flower show or anything else where you need to hire display boards Polystyrene Central is the place for you,

Our affordable display board hire rates will mean that you can have the amount of display boards you need. We have freestanding display boards to suit your next exhibition, show or function.

Display Boards for Hire

  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective hire

Display boards are great for the tradition pinning and exhibiting a whole range of things and information. They are also great for screening off areas and making “rooms” within your function. Need a discreet area for behind the screens preparation? Display boards are perfect.

We also stock  plastic brochure racks that can be attached to the panels by double sided self-adhesive velcro to make your display complete. Get a free quote on our display boards for hire and make your function complete.

We also have chairs, tables, jukeboxes and party lights for  see our hire page.

Display board hire to suit your next function!

Seniors expo display boards hired from Polystyrene CentralDisplay Boards prefect for screening and crowd control.

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