What to consider before hiring party lights?

party-lightsSpring is coming and so is the lovely weather. Thinking of having a party? Start planning now. Whether it’s with a few friends or a large group, consider hiring party lights for the event. Grab the chance of enjoying the nature at its best, take the party outside!

Party, party, party

A party isn’t complete without great foods, your guests and don’t forget the finishing touches of your place! The ambience of your party can make your guests stay or leave your event. Apart from a good music, the right décor, it’s a great idea to hire some party lights! They are perfect for outdoor partying – you and your guest can party the night away.

Party lights for hire

Don’t worry –there are a lot of stores/companies that offer party lights for hire. Before you go looking for some party lights for hire, make sure you know what you are looking for. Here are some things you should consider first to make sure you get the kind of party lights that will suit the party you have in mind.

Theme of the party. Do you wish to have a pop, wild or retro kind of party? The kind of party lights should depend on you party theme to help you create the right kind of mood.

Are there some dancing? If yes, you should get some lights that produce subdued lighting. Remember, it’s more comfortable to dance in a low light than in a bright light.

Your budget. Some party lights for hire are expensive. How much are you willing to spend on party lights for hire? Get your budget fixed and avoid getting out of budget to make sure your party will push through as planned.

Hire the right party lights and get into the mood for some partying! Be ready for spring, plan now!

If you are looking for some party lights for hire, contact Polystyrene Central. We offer hire party lights as well as jukebox to make your party a blast. Call us now and place your reservations. First come first serve!

What kind of display stands will increase my brand visibility at a trade fair?

display boardsYou know how important a trade fair is, right? You get the chance to deliver your message to many potential customers and you are able to increase your brand visibility in an instant. No wonder, trade fairs are very popular. When you are in a trade fair show, what should you do?

Trade fair shows

If it’s your first time to exhibit at a trade fair, you might be lost on what to do. Should you give free samples? Should you advertise your product on every passerby? While these things sound interesting, it can be pretty much exhausting on your part. Why not let your display speaks for you instead?

You can do this and more by using display stands. Display stands are perfect for creating brand visibility at a trade fair.

Here are 3 of the most common display stands setups that you can use:

  • Classic diamond structure
  • Centrepiece display
  • Random display stands

Classic diamonds structure stand

This type of stand has a centrepiece placed in the middle. It can include product display and graphics, perfect if your brand has multiple products. It doesn’t need to be supported by a wall thus it can be place wherever you want so potential customers can look at your display better.

Centrepiece display stand

Do you have a single brand? This is your best option. It can make your single product a focal point of your exhibition stand. Just remember to place it on the right location to get the attention your product deserves.

Random display stands

This is a unique option for you who allow you to use different shapes, presentations and banners. It can project different product all at the same time while still getting the communication at a various levels.

Whatever you choose, these 3 are sure to increase your brand recognition as soon as the trade fair is finish. When properly positioned and arrange, your display stand can attract leads that can possibly turn to buyers. How great can it be?

Display boards for your display stands

Display boards partner with your display stands can mean one thing –great success for your show. For your display board needs, contact Polystyrene Central. We offer display boards for hire. Call us now at 0429 970 189 to place your request and we will come to you –even set up the display boards for you anywhere, anytime you want (ask for a quote when you ring).

I’m having an art show where do I get art boards from?

Art Display boards - Art BoardsMake your art show, WOW your spectators and really let the art shine through. Polystyrene Central, we can hire you fantastic art boards that are design specifically to showcase your art. Art shows are great, fun and a good way to bring your art to new audiences but you need to display your work in its best light. Art boards are the perfect answer for you.

3 reasons to hire art boards for your next show:

  1. Great to display artworks
  2. Hiring is cost effective
  3. High quality

Great to display artworks

Amaze your audiences with great displays of your on boards designed to showcase your works. It will be fantastic to walk into your venue and see the magnificent exhibition you have made beginning displayed at its best.

Art boards are similar to display boards but with longer legs and the display area is smaller to emphasise the artwork, the perfect size to really bring your work to life. Launch your grand art show with our classic art boards

Hiring to art boards, make it easy for you.

Let us make the job easy for you! Hiring is a great way to get art boards with no storage and we deliver right to your venue. Setting up your show can be hard work and tiring, we have an optional set up services as well. Now all you have to do is concentrate on displaying your artworks.

High quality

Our art display boards are made especially to display artworks, they have sturdy legs and a fabric covered display area.

I’m having an art show where do I get art boards from?

Call Polystyrene Central on 0429 970 189, to discuss your art board hiring needs and get a free quote! Remember we delivery to your venue and then pick up again when you are finished, easy!


Where can I hire display boards in Bunbury?

Seniors ExpoLooking for professional display boards? Got a show, function or display coming up? You might be asking – Where can I hire display boards in Bunbury?

Come to Polystyrene Central and you can hire display boards that are perfect to create an amazing feel in your exhibit or show.

5 reasons to hire display boards from Polystyrene Central:

  1. Affordable
  2. Delivery and pickup service
  3. Short term or long term hire
  4. Setup options available
  5. Full range of hire items


Save money and make your exhibit create an extraordinary feel for your show.We hire great display boards that are perfect for your next event. You won’t regret hiring with Polystyrene Central.

Delivery and pickup service

We deliver all display boards right to your event. When the event is over we come back and pick the display boards back up. Polystyrene Central make it easy for you!poly delivering

Short term or long term hire

We can hire your display boards as your request whether short term or long term. Let us know what you need and we can give you a quote.

Setup options available

Need help with your setup for the show?  We offer setup options great to suit your exact needs. Call us and we can quote your exact requirements,

Full range of hire items

We also carry a range of other hire products such as chairs, table, table clothes, metal bollards and chain, plastic brochure holders and plaque revelier.  Choose from a range of hire items perfect for your next conference, art exhibition, school production and many other events you might have.

Where can I hire display boards in Bunbury?

Polystyrene Central of course.

Should you have questions just call us on 0429 970 189 to get your FREE quote.

What Can I Do To Improve My Trade Show Stand?

Display BoardsYour trade show’s coming, are you excited? You should be. Trade shows are an important opportunity for you to promote your business and services. Trade shows give you the chance to advertise your business to willing consumers, so make the most of your trade show space.

Making the most of your trade show

Trade shows means sharing the event with other business owners. How can make sure that your trade show stand can attract audiences? When you have invested a few dollars on a trade show, you have to get a return of investment; otherwise, you’ll lose your money.

How to make your trade show a stand out?

Drawing audiences to your trade show stand can be hard. With a lot of competition around you, you’ll have little chance of driving traffic towards your show stand. Here are a few tips on how to get the most from your trade show and make your stand pop!

  • Get creative
  • Get the right look and feel – keep your branding consistent
  • Giving samples and giveaways
  • Create enough space
  • Pick the right people
  • Chat with the event organiser
  • Try your trade show space before hand
  • Be clear with what you are selling – simple is easier to understand
  • Don’t clutter

Your trade show stand should be able to give your potential customer what they are looking for in a glance and make them want to find out more, come on over and see you.

What Can I Do To Improve My Trade Show Stand?

Your best asset is visual; people will be scanning the room for something of interest. Make use the display board or as your wall divisions, pick a theme, colours, large fonts for any writing, have things people can touch and feel, try and taste( if appropriate). If it is a family event make sure you have things for the children, if the children stop, Mum and Dad will too.

You can place your ads and graphics on polystyrene board. Make them large, simple and bold so you can convey your message clearly. What are you selling? Make it easy to understand.

Need to hire display boards for your next trade show? Contact Polystyrene Central for your trade show needs. We will even come and setup your stand if needed. Call us on 0429 970 189 to discuss your needs and get a quote.

3 Polystyrene arts and crafts mistakes you should avoid

styrene shapesHave you been using polystyrene for your projects? Great, means you are making beautiful pieces that you can use as decor and gifts. Polystyrene makes the perfect DIY material because of its versatility and durability.

Are you new to Polystyrene arts and crafts?

You will never find a material that is so soft to use and can be turned into almost any shape and yet, can last for a very long time. Polystyrene can also be made into just anything because of its properties such as being lightweight, tough and can be painted on any colour that you want. However, polystyrene, no matter how tough and durable they are, can also get damage quite easily if especially when you don’t take extra precautions.

Polystyrene arts and crafts mistakes

When using polystyrene, you need to be careful. Yes, you can bend them all you want, shape them into any shape imaginable, glue them together to create that perfect look but remember, one mistake from you can ruin your entire project. You don’t want to start from scratch again, do you?

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid at all cost:

  • Not using the right paint or glue for polystyrene
  • Not having enough knowledge on how to use glue gun
  • Don’t know how to sand polystyrene

Not using the right paint for polystyrene

You can paint polystyrene but remember to use the right paint; some paints will melt away your polystyrene. Use only acrylic based paint, nothing else. Glues are the same, be careful what you choose if in doubt test a small amount on a scrap before using on your project.

Not having enough knowledge on how to use glue gun

There will be instances on which you are required to glue polystyrene together. Make sure you know how to use a glue gun properly. Remember to use the right heat so you’ll not end up melting your entire project. Read the instructions carefully.

Don’t know how to sand polystyrene

Sanding your polystyrene arts can give your project a polish, brand new look. For smooth round edges, sand it with another piece of polystyrene. For larger polystyrene, cut it first and then sand to the final shape.

3 Polystyrene arts and crafts mistakes you should avoid

By taking notes of these 3 common mistakes, you’ll be able to create a beautiful art out from polystyrene. For your polystyrene supplies, contact Polystyrene Central. We offer large range of polystyrene to cover your entire needs. Ring us on 0429 970 189 and we’ll come to you.

How to hire display boards?

Bridal Display BoardsWorried about your next exhibition or event? Don’t be. Now is the time focus and make sure you are in control of everything. The success of your event lies in the detail, don’t let small things slip through and cause you stress. Start by hiring display boards.

Why use display boards?

Display boards have many uses like:

  • Dividing a room or a large area
  • Create a mini exhibition booth
  • Create temporary display walling for posters
  • Absorb sound

Display boards are inexpensive to hire and create a great effect for your next event.

The best thing about hire display boards? You just hire them and let the hire company do the rest, from bringing the display boards right where you are and then removing them again once you have finished. Now all you have to so is set them up in the place you want them. Simple and convenient.

Where to hire display boards

Where do you hire display boards from?

Look for a company that offer display boards for hire.

There are many ways on how you can search such as:

  • Asking a friend
  • Searching the yellow pages
  • Browsing the internet

Ask questions

Once you have a list of companies, call them one by one. Ask them questions about their:

  • Price
  • Delivery and Pickup times

By asking questions, you will know  the price you will pay and when they can deliver.

Ready, set, hire!

Remember to book early as peak season may book out. Schedule your hire and make your next event a huge success.

For hire display boards in Bunbury, Busselton, Harvey, Collie and surrounds contact Polystyrene Central. We can accommodate your display boards needs. Ring us at Polystyrene Central now and let us fix your hire schedule.


Where to hire display boards in Bunbury and surrounds!

Function Display BoardsPlanning on hiring display boards? Good.

We know just the place for you!

Where to hire display boards?

If you are in Bunbury, Donnybrook, Collie, Harvey or Busselton or surrounds, your best option is to hire from Polystyrene Central. We have the best display boards for your needs. Our display boards are of great quality and we have several different sorts available.

  • Very affordable
  • Great quality
  • We deliver

In fact, anyone that is looking for a robust, easy to install, great value display boards that will bring out the best in their display come to us! What are you waiting for? Polystyrene Central is the perfect place for you.

Great quality hire display boards in Bunbury

We have the right display boards for your needs. Our display boards come several different types depending on your needs. Display, art boards and exhibition stand.

Our display boards are made from high quality materials so you can expect nothing but great results. With our display boards, your next event will surely be a big blast!

Hire display boards, contact Polystyrene Central

When you decide to hire us, the best starting point is to contact us with your requirements such as:

  • Size of your space you are using
  • Delivery and collection dates
  • Venue address
  • Confirm the type of items being displayed

The more details, the better, tell us what you need and you’ll get your hire display boards for your event at the time you require.

For more information and hire inquiries, ring Polystyrene Central now on 0429 970 189.

Book your date today!


Juke box hire – turn the music on, let’s party!

jukeBoxWhether you are having a party with a few good friends or a big party, it’s important that you have great music. The old stereo just won’t cut it?

Don’t worry, hire a juke box.

Music, really, is the make or break of a good party. A party with a good music is a great one. Music will make your party a success because

  • It sets the atmosphere of your party
  • Leaves a good impression
  • Encourages fun and dancing

Entertaining atmosphere

Jukebox gives off an entertaining music which your guests can enjoy. Guests are able to interact with each other. Add great lights, a good music will create fabulous memories of your party. Music is perfect for theme parties, want to remember the glory days, what better way than with music?

Music leaves a good impression

With a good music, your friends and guests will surely be impressed with your party. Your party will be the talk of the town about the good time had and how they danced the night away. Play  good disco music from your jukebox, or 70’s or 80’s. 90’s what ever you like. With juke box hire, you get to pick your music.

People will stay if they are having a good time!

If you play music, your guests will feel like they have to stay for longer. Music can create an environment that is both fun and entertaining. Perfect for your guest to enjoy the party while forgetting the time.

In order to achieve a great atmosphere at your party it is important to play great music.

Turn on the music!

Music fills the silences and add motion to your party, whether you are looking for some time backgrounds, or louder fun dancing music, a juke box is perfect for your next party.

Where to look for jukebox hire. In Bunbury, you can contact Polystyrene Central. We offer jukebox for hire for parties and other events, we also have party lights and chairs available for hire. Call Polystyrene CentralBunburyand lets get your party started!

The importance of party lights for a dancing party

party-lightFeel like Dancing?
With the warmer nights coming over the next few months, isn’t it a great time to have a party? Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor party, the important thing is, you get to enjoy the warm weather, some food and do some dancing.

Organizing a party

When organizing a party, make sure everything is ready. Ensure that the party will come out just right. Always forgetting something? It’s high time you keep yourself organized. Plan your party ahead of time. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that you have plenty of time left to give an awesome party. Prevention is always better than cure.

When arranging a party, it is important you give thought on your party lights.

Is lighting necessary at my party?

Yes, it is. When you are planning for your party, don’t forget about your lights. Remember, proper lighting can set the tone and mood of your party. With the right combination of decors, your party will definitely get the right ambiance perfect for your guests – whether you are expecting older or younger guests.

Let’s party!

Party lights will tie together at your event. For example, if you organize some dancing, wouldn’t it be a great idea to use lights that gives off the subdued lighting effect?  You could have your very own nightclub effect. That way, you are encouraging your guests to go to the dance floor. Most people won’t dance if you use a bright white lighting for your party because it feels like a daylight at a party.

Proper usage of party light is the key to liven up a party atmosphere and make it a total blast.

Need to hire party lights for your upcoming party, call Polystyrene Central. We offer party lights for hire in Bunbury and juke boxes too. Ring us now and let us set up the right mood for your next party!