Display Boards

Why choose display boards for hire?

2.displayBoardsAre you prepping for a trade show?

Whether you are looking for ways on how to improve your upcoming display or just wanted to make sure everything will turn out just as planned, you can never go wrong with a display board.

Display boards

Display boards are your perfect solution when it comes to trade shows and meetings. They are perfect because they can give you the right space to advertise or explain what you want to say. You don’t have to shout just to catch someone else’s attention – an attractive display board can do it for you.

Display boards for hire

Fabric covered polystyrene display boards are a great options since they are easy to use and light in weight making them easier to transport from one place to another. When it comes to display boards, you have two options:

  • Purchase a display board
  • Hire display boards

The first option can be good given you have the budget and you don’t mind keeping display boards when they are not in use. On the other hand, display boards for hire are more economical and can be perfect for that one time usage.

Display boards for hire are great due to a variety of reasons:

  • Less hassle
  • Saves you time
  • Cheaper
  • Saves you storage space
  • Get them delivered
  • Setup options also available

Should you need display boards for hire, contact Polystyrene Central we deliver them to your desired place on time. When the show is finished, we will come and pick them up again. Easy and simple!

We are your one stop shop for your display boards hire needs, see our hire page for other tradeshow and function hire options.

3 great reasons to hire display boards

Art Display boards - Art BoardsHaving an exhibition, function or party?

Need to hire display boards?

Display boards offer a solution to your problems. An exhibition requires the use of a display board. You can use display boards display boards to

  • Direct traffic
  • Make individual cubicles for the exhibitors
  • Convey information
  • Sound controlseniors expo display boards to transform

And a huge lot of purposes, make your exhibition look professional with hire display boards.

Hiring boards

Hiring display boards suits your needs and budget. Benefits are:

  • No storage
  • Delivered to you
  • Short term or long term use – perfect.

Hire is practical, less hassle and budget friendly.

1. Saves your money

Why buy a display board that you will only use once a year? It’s not practical at all, plus, you have to store them and cart them. Why worry with the hassle? Why not hire then?

2. Easy installation

Hiring display boards let you sit and just relax, then the boards arrive and you get the fun part of installing them where you want them. Quite easy and simple.

3. No storage problem

When done using hire display boards, as arrange, the hire company comes back and picks up the boards again and you are finished, no storage, no hassle!

With hire display boards, you just hire, let the hire bring them when and where you want them.

Need hire display boards for your next event? Contact Polystyrene Central, we have display boards for hire that will suit your requirements. Ring us now on 0429 970 189 and let us make your life easier.


Need display boards for the graduation?

Art Display boards - Art BoardsIs someone in the family about to graduate? Graduation is a special occasion and one of the most exciting parts of a person’s life. Wouldn’t it be great if you make graduation extra special?

Throwing a graduation party

Organising a graduation party is a great way to tell someone special that you’re proud of their achievements. So, you’re throwing a party. Great. You prepare delicious foods. The venue is nice. You invited guests and everything’s ready, but is it? What about your party décor? Remember, it’s not just an ordinary party – it’s a graduation party. If you will need to show their journey, make the person extra special on that day.

You will need display boards to show all their achievements.

Good news, you can hire one or more display board.

Graduation boards, a perfect décor

One of the most popular decorations you can ever have for your graduation party is a display board that you can use to hang photos, certificates and mementos of the graduate and the years leading up to it. Display boards are perfect for this.

For a quick and easy solution, choose hiring a display board is the solution you are looking for:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Delivered to you

Put up the graduates baby photos, school photos and special memories. Your guests will surely love looking at the history of your graduate – and you can have a walk down the memory lane. You can  customise the display board to suit your theme colours by wrapping it with a colourful fabric to match perfectly with your décor.  The important thing is, you have a photo board for the graduates to enjoy.

Need dispay board hire? Contact Polystyrene Central and book your display boards now, don’t wait too long or you might miss out. We got it all covered for you, we even deliver right to your door. Ring us on 0429 970 189 to make your booking today.



Why hire display boards?

Display BoardsDisplay boards allow you to maximize your space. It is important in offices and for display, functions and exhibitions. You may consider buying display boards and keep them for later use, but is your use only temporarily? For example, if you are hosting an event such as exhibition, seminar and art show, you will need display boards.

The question is, should you hire or buy display boards? The answer depends on your budget and amount of times you need to use the boards. For practical reasons, hiring display boards is more suitable especially if you will not use it regularly, like once a year.

Why hire display boards?

  • Save you money
  • Save space – no storage worries
  • Installation

Save money

Okay, you have the budget, but then do you want to outlay it on display boards that you will only use once or twice a year? In today’s economic, we have to spend our budgets on the best things for our business.

DisplayBoardsSave space – no storage

Where are you going to store the display boards after you have bought them? Display boards can be large and bulky, finding a place to store it might be hard. You with need a large storage space where the boards can stand upright so there is minimal chance of damage.


When hiring display boards, you are spared from everything to do with transport – from arranging them to storing them. The hire will transport the display boards right into your venue and return to remove them at the end. All you need to do for installation is direct the staff to where you would like the boards location. This really is installation made easy.

For short use, once or twice a year your really can’t go past hiring display board! Polystyrene Central have a range of display boards to suit your needs; we even have special art exhibition boards to maximum your art displays.

Call Polystyrene Central to discuss you needs and get a quote and we will deliver right to your venue, we have your next event covered!

How to make a display board that people will read

seniors expo display boards to transformYour exhibition is creeping up! You run a check on all your things to make sure everything’s ready. Your materials, your props and of course, your display board. The use of your display board is essential in any form of marketing or selling. It can attract possible leads that could turn into customers. However, is your display board ready for some customer generating tasks?

Getting the most of your display board

It’s not enough that you are using a display board – you should maximise its uses. You want to be noticed in a room full of display boards, how can you be sure your display board will stand out? You have to step up your imagination and ensure your display board does its purpose and get attention.

So, how can you come up with a display board that people will read? Here are some suggestions on how you can make your display board more noticeable:

  • Be creative
  • Go bright
  • Have more fun

Art Display boards - Art BoardsBe creative

Your display board should contain important information about your products or company, but it doesn’t mean that it should be boring! You can use colourful materials to add an interesting appeal to your display board.

Go bright

Add some colour, go bright. Remember to contrast the bright colours with white, so they stand out. Less is more, use your bright colours to make you main points stand out,have a focus point, you have seconds to attract their attention.

Have more fun

You can incorporate funny quotes or images on your display boards. Things like this can get the people’s attention pretty quickly. The idea here is to get their attention first – it’s then up to you to hold their attention – and turn it into possible leads.

Display BoardsHowever, don’t go overboard with designing your display board. Don’t overdo it!  Sometimes, less is best! Always consider the nature of your business. It might look unprofessional to have a board of wacky colours for example if you were working for a law firm.

How to make a display board that people will read

Your display board can be your best weapon – use it wisely. For your display board needs, contact Polystyrene Central. We offer display boards for hire. You can organise the display boards and set it up on your own if you prefer or you can ask us to do it for you. Be noticed! Tell us exactly what you need and we can do the rest.

Ring Polystyrene Central today on 0429 970 189, we’d be glad to help you out.

The Don’ts of using display boards

Seniors ExpoAre you excited about your first ever event for your business? Good – don’t lose the excitement but make sure you are ready for it – physically and mentally. Of course, don’t forget your display boards. If you’re using a display board, you can be sure you’re one step ahead of your competition. However, make sure you get the most out of your display board by using it properly.

Is there a wrong way of using display boards?

Yes, and if you are not aware of it, you might be about to do it without knowing! This is very important, especially if it’s your first time to use a display board. Here are lists of things you should not do with your display board:

Display BoardsThe Don’ts of using display boards

Don’t do shadowing

If you use a separate board at the top of your display board, mount it just a few centimetres from the back of your display board. A far mounted board may cast a shadow on your display board, making it hard to read.

Don’t use your display board like a cupboard

As much as possible, set up your display board on one side. If there are sides on your board, it will be hard for people to read information as it may be too busy. Remember, you want people to notice your display board and urge them to come to you – not repel them when they realise your display board is too complicated to read at a glance.

Don’t make your display board too tall

Make sure your display board is eye level to the average person. If your board is too high, they won’t be interested to read the information at all. Besides, the farther the text, the smaller they appear making it harder to read.

Your display boards can make or break your event – make sure you use it to your advantage. For all of your display board needs, contact Polystyrene Central. We offer display boards made from polystyrene. They are durable and lightweight, making them easier to move around. Ring us today for more enquiries.


Can a display board make your exhibition successful?

display BoardsDo you have an exhibition coming up? You may have completed all the necessary preparation to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day, but have you thought about using a display board? Whether you want to showcase your skills or products, a display board makes a big difference to your presentation.

Display boards for your success!

When your day finally arrives, you want to ensure that you keep everyone’s attention and interest as you answer their questions and enquiries. However, you know it’s impossible to be in two different places at the same time. This is where the display boards will work to your advantage. With your presentation, exhibition or products etcon show, you can now let your display boards do the talking for you.

With a display board assisting you, you can be certain that those who wish to talk to you are really interested in what you are offering. They already have an idea about your products or services,without even talking to you. After sighting your exhibition and customers approach you for discussion, it usually means one thing – that they are interested in what you are promoting and less of your time is wasted.

seniors expo display boards to transformDisplay boards are easy to use

Display boards can efficiently convey your message across your audiences. Did you know that display boards can also make your life easier? You don’t have to rifle through papers and stacks of manuals because it is right up there on your display boards. When the event is finished, you can tidy up your display board and organise your things as you wish.

Can a display board make your exhibit/display successful?

Yes – definitely! When you are thinking about hiring some display boards, contact Polystyrene Central. We offer display boards for hire, as well as stocks of polystyrene boards and foam for all your needs. Ring us today for a free quote on 0429 970 189.






Is hiring display boards worth the money?

Display BoardsTrying to advertise your product? Want to attract leads and purchase? Doing a tradeshow or display?

Brand awareness is a big thing in business. People buy from people they know, trust and like. You need to establish a connection to people so that they remember your business.

Display boards

With so many people checking tradeshows, and displays, it’s hard to speak to them one by one and introduce your products and services to everyone who comes past. When your words are not necessary, let something else speaks for you – hire display boards and let your message be seen.

Your display boards will convey the message you want to tell to the people. It’s a great way to attract people – not just with words but with images and text to display your message on your boards. What better boards will work perfectly but polystyrene display boards?

A picture says a 1000 words – people remember images.

Display boards are cost effective

Don’t worry; there are display boards for hire. Polystyrene display boards are essential to get people’s attention. You can get your message across to people while you are busy attending other people.

And, you can be sure that the people who gathered around your boards are actually interested with what you are offering. For that initial attraction and magnetism, use polystyrene board. Did you know that polystyrene display boards for hire are cost effective? You get what you pay for – high ROI, possible leads and higher sales.

Is hiring display boards worth the money?

Definitely! When you want to hire display boards, contact Polystyrene Central. We make your tradeshow better with durable, highly efficient polystyrene display boards which we can set up for you. Ring us now and place your reservation early. Free quotes too.

What kind of display stands will increase my brand visibility at a trade fair?

display boardsYou know how important a trade fair is, right? You get the chance to deliver your message to many potential customers and you are able to increase your brand visibility in an instant. No wonder, trade fairs are very popular. When you are in a trade fair show, what should you do?

Trade fair shows

If it’s your first time to exhibit at a trade fair, you might be lost on what to do. Should you give free samples? Should you advertise your product on every passerby? While these things sound interesting, it can be pretty much exhausting on your part. Why not let your display speaks for you instead?

You can do this and more by using display stands. Display stands are perfect for creating brand visibility at a trade fair.

Here are 3 of the most common display stands setups that you can use:

  • Classic diamond structure
  • Centrepiece display
  • Random display stands

Classic diamonds structure stand

This type of stand has a centrepiece placed in the middle. It can include product display and graphics, perfect if your brand has multiple products. It doesn’t need to be supported by a wall thus it can be place wherever you want so potential customers can look at your display better.

Centrepiece display stand

Do you have a single brand? This is your best option. It can make your single product a focal point of your exhibition stand. Just remember to place it on the right location to get the attention your product deserves.

Random display stands

This is a unique option for you who allow you to use different shapes, presentations and banners. It can project different product all at the same time while still getting the communication at a various levels.

Whatever you choose, these 3 are sure to increase your brand recognition as soon as the trade fair is finish. When properly positioned and arrange, your display stand can attract leads that can possibly turn to buyers. How great can it be?

Display boards for your display stands

Display boards partner with your display stands can mean one thing –great success for your show. For your display board needs, contact Polystyrene Central. We offer display boards for hire. Call us now at 0429 970 189 to place your request and we will come to you –even set up the display boards for you anywhere, anytime you want (ask for a quote when you ring).

I’m having an art show where do I get art boards from?

Art Display boards - Art BoardsMake your art show, WOW your spectators and really let the art shine through. Polystyrene Central, we can hire you fantastic art boards that are design specifically to showcase your art. Art shows are great, fun and a good way to bring your art to new audiences but you need to display your work in its best light. Art boards are the perfect answer for you.

3 reasons to hire art boards for your next show:

  1. Great to display artworks
  2. Hiring is cost effective
  3. High quality

Great to display artworks

Amaze your audiences with great displays of your on boards designed to showcase your works. It will be fantastic to walk into your venue and see the magnificent exhibition you have made beginning displayed at its best.

Art boards are similar to display boards but with longer legs and the display area is smaller to emphasise the artwork, the perfect size to really bring your work to life. Launch your grand art show with our classic art boards

Hiring to art boards, make it easy for you.

Let us make the job easy for you! Hiring is a great way to get art boards with no storage and we deliver right to your venue. Setting up your show can be hard work and tiring, we have an optional set up services as well. Now all you have to do is concentrate on displaying your artworks.

High quality

Our art display boards are made especially to display artworks, they have sturdy legs and a fabric covered display area.

I’m having an art show where do I get art boards from?

Call Polystyrene Central on 0429 970 189, to discuss your art board hiring needs and get a free quote! Remember we delivery to your venue and then pick up again when you are finished, easy!