Why hire display boards?

Display BoardsDisplay boards allow you to maximize your space. It is important in offices and for display, functions and exhibitions. You may consider buying display boards and keep them for later use, but is your use only temporarily? For example, if you are hosting an event such as exhibition, seminar and art show, you will need display boards.

The question is, should you hire or buy display boards? The answer depends on your budget and amount of times you need to use the boards. For practical reasons, hiring display boards is more suitable especially if you will not use it regularly, like once a year.

Why hire display boards?

  • Save you money
  • Save space – no storage worries
  • Installation

Save money

Okay, you have the budget, but then do you want to outlay it on display boards that you will only use once or twice a year? In today’s economic, we have to spend our budgets on the best things for our business.

DisplayBoardsSave space – no storage

Where are you going to store the display boards after you have bought them? Display boards can be large and bulky, finding a place to store it might be hard. You with need a large storage space where the boards can stand upright so there is minimal chance of damage.


When hiring display boards, you are spared from everything to do with transport – from arranging them to storing them. The hire will transport the display boards right into your venue and return to remove them at the end. All you need to do for installation is direct the staff to where you would like the boards location. This really is installation made easy.

For short use, once or twice a year your really can’t go past hiring display board! Polystyrene Central have a range of display boards to suit your needs; we even have special art exhibition boards to maximum your art displays.

Call Polystyrene Central to discuss you needs and get a quote and we will deliver right to your venue, we have your next event covered!